Pillar Plantation Shutters

Classic style and quality you can install yourself

Add the Timeless Style of Plantation Shutters

Enhance your windows while adding value to your home with the privacy, versatility and warmth of reinforced DIY PVC Plantation Shutters.

Perfectly suited to Modern or Classic Style Homes.



High quality components and fitting provide custom-made quality at a fraction of the price

DULUX® Vivid White®

89mm Shutter Sets available in various sizes designed to complement popular Dulux® Vivid White®


Ready-Made Shutter Sets mean no long manufacturing delays allowing for easy, Do it Yourself installation


Pre-Set sizes are available now at selected stores or online

Sizes & Pricing

Range Columns@2x

Designed to compliment


Vivid White™

Features & Benefits

Quality Internal Aluminium Plantation Shutters that offer strength and privacy.

Contemporary 89mm louvres offering full 180 degree closure for maximum privacy

Elegant flat frame creates a modern environment to enhance any décor

Moisture, UV and termite resistant polymer complements Dulux Vivid White™

Extra strong aluminium core reinforcement to prevent warping for longer lifespan

Hidden tilt bar for maximum light control allowing obstruction free views

Comes complete with frame, all fittings, and additional packers for slightly larger windows

Quality Internal Plantation Shutters


Range of Sizes

Ready to fit most windows

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How to Measure

Two Installation Options


Recess Mount

Shutter is fitted INSIDE the window frame. Always check clearance for window sills, winders and other hardware.

  • Measure the frame opening by taking multiple internal measurements as shown.
  • Always use smallest measurement to ensure shutter fits correctly.
  • Packers are included to add up to 20mm extra Width & Height. See Size Guide for details.

Face Mount

Shutter is fitted OUTSIDE the window frame onto the architrave.

  • Measure the area by taking multiple external measurements as shown.
  • Always use accurate measurements to ensure shutter provides full coverage.
  • Packers are designed for recess-mount applications but can be used for extra width/height if desired. See Size Guide for details.

Easy to install. Everything Included.

Download Installation Instructions 

Installing Pillar Plantation Shutters is easy straight forward using basic tools.

Packs include Frame, Panels, Packing Strips, Hardware, Hinges and Magnetic Latches.

You can download our easy to follow installation guide at the button below.

We're here to help you enjoy your Plantation Shutter form the very beginning. So if you're having problems with you install or need a clearer explanation?

Contact our team at Pillar Products here.

Play Video

Recess Mount Installation Guide

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Face Mount Installation Guide

Only at...

This beautiful range of Plantation Shutters are only available at selected Bunnings Warehouse stores.




Learn why people are choosing Pillar Plantation Shutters

Got a question about Plantation Shutters? Check out some of our FAQ's below.

Do we offer a measure/installation service?

This is a Ready-Made, DIY product designed to be purchased straight off the shelf and easily installed yourself.

Shutter Install Instructions

Shutter Measuring Instructions

Can Shutters be used Outside?

No, Shutters are for internal use only.

How do I measure?

Decide which method best suits your window:

  1. Recess Mount - Mounted inside the window frame
  2. Face-Mount - Mounted to the architrave

Always measure 3 horizontal measurements across the top/middle/bottom and 2 height measurements in the corners from top to bottom.

Shutter Measure/Install Instructions

Shutter Measuring Instructions

What sizes can be achieved with DIY Shutters?

Shutters come in set sizes, common to the Australian market.

See below for a full list of achievable size combinations:

Shutter Size Combinations

What colour are these Shutters available in?

Our Plantation Shutters are designed to complement popular Dulux® Vivid White™

Dulux Vivid White

How do I install?

Shutters come ready for simple DIY installation, see how easy it is here:

Shutter Measure/Install Instructions

What configurations are available?

Current standardised configuration of DIY Shutters is 2 left & right centre opening hinged panels.

Depending on application, shutters can be installed next to each together to cover larger openings.

Plantation Shutters Brochure

How long is my Warranty?

We offer a 10 Year Warranty on workmanship and materials.

Note: Shutters are for internal use only.

What protection does do Shutters provide?

When installed correctly, Shutters offer complete light Blockout ideal for bedrooms and other areas requiring privacy. Shutters also reduce transfer of heat assisting with insulation from heat gain and heat loss.

Why are Shutter panels not closing properly?

In most cases this means the frame is not square. Not all windows are guaranteed to be square so some adjusting of the frame may be required to off-set crooked window.

How do I clean my Shutters?

Dust regularly. Simply clean using lukewarm water and soft cloth. Use weak cleaner if required.

Can I order Pillar Plantation Shutters from Pillar Products directly?

No. Pillar Products are distributed exclusively through Selected Bunnings Warehouse stores. By working with Bunnings we are able to deliver the volume to keep our Plantation Shutters prices as competitive as possible, and make it easy for you to purchase at your local Bunnings store.

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